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Wellby and Vertice AI Join Forces to Grow Member Prosperity

Wellby wanted to serve members in a more personal way to grow financial prosperity. Historically, marketing programs have been generalized and mass message. Wellby lacked in-house data science capabilities and had no desire for a new big data warehouse project. Wellby desired a holistic solution that could understand and recommend deposit and loan products to help members prosper.


Vertice AI’s platform uses multiple algorithms to analyze first-party and third-party member data and generate product and service journey recommendations to grow member prosperity. Vertice integrates with Wellby’s HubSpot CRM solution to share the marketing campaign recommendations. This enables Wellby to provide more relevant and meaningful financial products and services, leading to a more engaged membership.


•  Initial deposit product marketing campaigns saw 326% higher product adoption rates than before Vertice AI.

•  An Initial campaign focused on indirect members adopting high-interest checking product saw 11X higher adoption rates.

•  Initial email campaigns based on Vertice AI recommendations had 40% higher open rates than before using Vertice.

“Our AI-enabled strategy allows us to send the right messages to the right members at the right time. This model increases both our opportunities to promote diverse lines of business and our ability to support each member’s unique financial journey, so we can truly help them prosper.”

Richard Sowell
Chief Strategy Officer at Wellby Financial

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